HR Culture

When joining CHRYSO India, you will be part of a team accountable for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues. Each of us is responsible for his/her actions, while being autonomous and aiming to satisfy the needs of our customers, they might be internal or external.

The Human Resources culture at CHRYSO India

It is built around our people thanks to:
Our managerial structure that guarantees a close dialogue.
The quality of our internal communication and social relations.

It relies on progress and performance with:
Some standards and objectives for individual and collective performance, regarding Health, Safety, Environmental and Economical performance for CHRYSO.
The keeping and development of Employability.

It ensures our joint Sustainability.



It is based and organized on three main pillars

Induction and mentoring:
When starting on a new position, each employee is presented with a detailed introduction to his/her responsibilities and a specific induction program. This ensures each employee has a perfect understanding of the structure and of his/her contacts, as well as a progressive follow-up towards the necessary autonomy and versatility.

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)

Throughout their careers, employees benefit from information on their activities and profession. Once a year, they go over their career evolution wishes and training requirements with their manager.
This guarantees each employee with a good employability and gives them a chance of professional development in keeping with the evolution of CHRYSO’s occupations.

Management of performance

Each employee is involved in the achievement of the Group objectives, which are defined by the CHRYSO policy. Every year, all employees benefit from group objectives as well as from individual ones, whose achievement are evaluated by their respective managers.

This guarantees everyone with the implementation of a salary and a recognition policy, in which CHRYSO takes into account the efficiency showed in the position, as well as the achievement of personal objectives.