Identity card

Founded in 1942, CHRYSO is the technology leader in admixtures for construction materials.

We provide our customers – cement manufacturers, ready-mix concrete, precast manufacturers, Applicators and Distributors and construction companies – with our expertise in chemistry, formulation and knowledge of construction materials.

CHRYSO India Private Limited key figures

1942 year of foundation
5 production sites & 4 physical laboratories, Central R&D Centre

Our mission

  • Expertise: Chemicals for Construction materials.
  • Positioning: Leading International Technology provider
  • Solutions: Admixtures for Concrete, Construction Systems Solutions and Additives for Cement
  • Distribution network: CHRYSO has a capabilities to deliver to all geographies through its extensive distribution network
  • Distribution channel: Admixtures for Concrete, Construction Systems and Additives for cement, all  manufactured & designed in India
  • Export: CHRYSO India  is well positioned for export market throughout Asia
  • Part of a French Group: subsidiary of a French independent Group with a majority British shareholder (Cinven).
  • Markets and typology of our customers:
    • Concrete: Jobsite, Ready-mix, Precast, Applicators & Distributors
    • Cement: Cement Manufacturers
    • Construction Systems: Jobsite, Applicators & Distributors
    • Industrial Applications

An innovative company

  • 20% of our staff work in R&D
  • 35% of our turnover are generated from products which are less than 5 years old
  • 3% of turnover invested in R&D 

Innovation is our DNA

CHRYSO has long been investing in a strategy aimed at developing new solutions to feeding customer satisfaction through fulfilling their economical and technical needs. Our company provides a wide range of products in constant evolution, which offer optimized solutions to our customers’ daily demands.

Each year,  we launch a wealth of new products for the India & Export Market. We apply these dynamics of innovation and development through all our market segments.

Examples of latest CHRYSO® innovations

  • The FILL-FREE® technology embedded in CHRYSO®Optima K9318 for SSC with crushed aggregates into condensed reinforcement & pumped to heights over 150 meters. Cohesive concrete with M60 plus strength requirement.
  • LSS (Low Sulfate Sensitive) technology introduced for low impact to cement sulfates. CHRYSO®Premia S561 to enable use of various cement sources with differing qualities with no impact to concrete slump and strength.
  • CHRYSO®Quad 60 a rheology modifying technology with no impact to initial set with qualities to improve robustness of initial concrete mix with variable low fines aggregates and to enhance cohesiveness to enhance pumpability.

At the very core of our clients' needs

We endeavour to understand our customers’demands from initial design to finalized solutions working in parternership to meet client's stringent demands for Quality, Service, Responsiveness and Results. Our sustainable solutions comprise a wide range of products and services supported by our expert teams through to our customer markets.

A responsible company

Our priority is to act as a responsible company. We openly report to our stakeholders. Our entire organization is employee and customer oriented: their satisfaction is very important to us, as well as respecting direct and indirect stakeholders.

CHRYSO India has triple certification: ISO 9001 since 1997, OHSAS 18001 since 2014, and ISO 14001 since 2015. Our company embraces all 3 elements within our cultural values. These certifications allow us to demonstrate our culture and their constant evolution within our internal process.