CHRYSO®Air PL is an air entraining admixture, which enables to form stable microscopic air bubbles in concrete and mortars. The uniform spreading of micro air bubbles entrained in concrete, stabilized & effectively protects concrete from frost / defrost cycles and the action of defrosting salts.


CHRYSO®Airen PL is of great benefit in lightweight concretes, where it improves workability and reduces tendency to bleed. It is useful in reducing the density of light weight concrete blocks, so that blocks meet thermal insulation requirements. CHRYSO®Airen PL gives increased durability to dense concrete and because of the entrained air, a reduction in material costs is achieved.

Domains of application
  • Should be used wherever a well-compacted durable concrete, resistant to extreme thermal variation and frost action is required
  • Such situations include roads, runways, paving, handstands, canal lining, open storage areas etc
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Avaialble in 200 Kgs Barrel & bulk in 10/15 KL tanker