CHRYSO® Thermoshield

CHRYSO THERMOSHIELD is pure acrylic polymer based elastomeric high build solar heat reflecting eco- friendly paint for roof and exterior walls. The cooling effect is designed with high quality titanium di oxide pigment which reflects more than 80% of solar radiation and specialty micronized ceramic hollow sphere which reduces heat transmission inside the room. The cured CHRYSO THERMOSHIELD also acts as high performance waterproof membrane. When it is applied on exterior side walls and roof it reduces energy cost approximately 30%.

    • Easy application can be applied by brush, roller and squeegee at site.
    • Elastomeric in nature; up to 1mm crack bridging capacity.
    • UV Resistance- does not yellowing in sun rays exposure.
    • Excellent resistance to carbon dioxide, acid rain, and alkali solution.
    • Reduces cooling and heating demand.
    • Save energy and utility costs by maintaining temperature inside the room.
    • Excellent resistance to dirt pick up.
    • No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).
    • Can be tinted with good quality water based color fast pigment paste.
    • Excellent adhesion with most of building material including concrete, metal and wood.
Domains of application

CHRYSO THERMOSHIELD is used for heat insulation and waterproofing of old as well as new flat / slope concrete /metal roof, terrace and walls of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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Available in 20 kg Plastic Bucket