CHRYSO®Proof Acrylic

CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC is acrylic polymer based elastomeric, waterproofing protective coating system. In addition to UV resistance acrylic polymer, CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC is designed with proprietary additives to resist post growth of algae and fungus.

  • Easy application; can be applied by brush, roller and squeegee at site.
  • Elastomeric in nature; up to 2mm crack bridging capacity.
  • UV Resistance- does not yellowing in sun rays exposure.
  • Excellent resistance to carbon dioxide, acid rain, and alkali solution.
  • Desired high Tensile strength can be achieved by providing single / multilayer glass fibre cloth.
  • Excellent resistance to dirt pick up.
  • No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).
Domains of application
  • Waterproofing of old as well as new flat / slope concrete roof/ terrace/ podium
  • Refurbishment of old concrete roof like brick bat coba, concrete screed old acrylic coating
  • Waterproofing / protective coating of metal/ asbestos sheet roof
Technical Data Sheet Download
Material Satefy Data Sheet Download

Available in 20 kg Plastic Bucket