CHRYSO®Struco Latex

CHRYSO STRUCO LATEX is a single component, polymeric synthetic rubber emulsion (SBR), which can be added to any cementitious formulation, to achieve bonding and waterproofing properties.

  • STRUCO LATEX gives the users, the following benefits :
  • * Improves Bonding between mother substrate and the overcoat
  • * Drastically reduces permeability
  • * Fills up the pore spaces of the overcoat thus the overcoat become denser and water tight
  • * Improves tensile and flexural properties
  • * Enhances adhesive bond strength with substrates
  • * Compatible with all hydraulic cements
  • * Can be diluted with water to suit specific needs
  • * Easy to use
Domains of application
  • STRUCO LATEX is versatile product which can be mixed with cement slurry, mortar, concrete or grout, as per recommended dosage in each case. Masons enjoy using it as an additive to repair mortars and renderings, to arrest rebound loss, due to its thixotropic properties. An excellent remedy against rising dampness, salt-petre and damp walls, when used as a plaster additive
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Available in 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg and 200 kg container