CHRYSO EXCEM-C is specially formulated non-shrink grouting aid. It is a free flowing powder for addition to neat cement mixes. It plasticizes the mix, allowing for substantial reduction in water without affecting the fluidity, thus improving the strength and impermeability of the grout.

  • Drastically improves the fluidity and flowability of the mix.
  • Ensures high early strength and rapid gain of later strength
  • Increased flexural and tensile strength.
  • Provides additional resistance to dynamic and repetitive loading.
  • Compensates cement shrinkage by controlled expansion.
  • Withstands thermal movements to provide improved dimensional stability
Domains of application
  • EXCEM-C is used as an admixture for Injection Grouting to effectively waterproof and stop leaks in underground structures, basements, tunnels, liftwells, retaining walls, dams, water reservoirs, pressure ducts and other water retaining structures. It is also recommended for grouting pre-stressed members machine bases, column bases (Steel and precast concrete) anchor bolts etc. and wherever a non-settling, non-bleeding, expanding grout is required. EXCEM-C can also be used as an additive to produce flowable Expansion (non shrink) concrete (with smaller sized graded aggregates are preferable) / mortar.
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Available in 20kg waterproof laminated HDPE bag