CHRYSO EXCEM –V1   a ready to use chloride free blend of dry powder when mixed with clean water, it produces a free flowing, non- shrink high strength grout. This is used for foundation of steel column, machine baseplate, anchoring of bolts, etc.

  • EXCEM V1 Grout develops high compressive strength, a typical result are given below when water / powder ratio is 0.13 at 270C ( mortar temp. ).
  • Controlled expansion to ensure positive surface contact and low water permeability.
  • Quickly develops high compressive strength to facilitate early reinstatement.
  • High ultimate strength and zero water permeability.
  • Chloride and iron free, hence no rusting or staining on exposed edges.
  • Premixed, addition of water is only needed.
  • Easy to pour free flowing and self leveling nature; it can be pumped or poured into restricted locations.
Domains of application
  • Grouting of machine base plates, column bases, anchor bolts, bases of heavy equipments, bridge bearings. Facilitates early commissioning of equipment involving high vibration and requiring high early strength. It is used and specified by major utilities like Steel project, High way Department and Machinery and Turbine manufacturers far and wide.
Technical Data Sheet Download
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Available in 25kg waterproof laminated HDPE bag