CHRYSO RUSTKIL is fast acting, easy to use, rust and stain remover especially from iron and steel. RUSTKIL is completely soluble in water, thus can be diluted with water if required. Diluted RUSTKIL is biodegradable, non?flammable and non?carcinogenic.

  • Easy to use, simply follow the directions.
  • Available in ready?to?use pack.
  • Fast acting and efficient cleaning.
  • Diluted RUSTKIL is eco?friendly.
  • RUSTKIL promotes bonding of paints.
  • Non?staining to concrete.
Domains of application
  • The formulation of RUSTKIL is designed to remove rust and stains safely, quickly and effectively from corroded iron and steel prior to paint. It removes stains from marble and tiles and brings back its new shine. RUSTKIL is a good stain remover from domestic household appliances like basin, sink, taps, brass items etc.
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Available in 20 Liter container.