CHRYSO®Armourshield Stick

CHRYSO ARMOURSHIELD STICK membranes are factory fabricated waterproof sheets of predetermined thickness. These sheets are also known as membranes, are produced by coating a robust rot proof core, with an impervious elastomeric modified bituminous compound. The compound is homogenous and highly flexible with rubber like characteristics. These are all important factors necessary for the membrane to function in a constantly wet environment. CHRYSO ARMOURSHIELD-STICK is available with or without lamination of geotextile fleece.

Domains of application

ARMOURSHIELD STICK membranes are designed to form an impermeable protection for below grade concrete in the presence of hydrostatic pressure. ARMOURSHIELD STICK membranes are used generally (but not limited to)for the following applications:

  • Waterproofing the underside or topside of slabs –on grade.
  • Protection of pre?stressed concrete panels or reinforced concrete cast?in?situ walls. Waterproofing of foundation walls below as well as above.Waterproofing of pile caps, tie beams and raft foundations.
  • Damp –proofing of wet areas such a below shower basins. 
  • Waterproofing under tiles in kitchens and wet areas.
  • Waterproofing of sewerage concrete manholes.
  • As a vapour barrier membrane.
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Available in 1mx15m roll