CHRYSO® WP 01 is a new generation integral waterproofing compound for cement mortar and concrete with corrosion resistant properties.

  • Ensures complete crystallization of cement particles.
  • Ensures water tightness of concrete against water head.
  • Eliminates / Reduces dampness from the plastered surface of the brick work.
  • Protects concrete from weak solution of acids / chemicals. Prevents / Reduces sweating, efflorescence, saltpeter action.
  • Resists fungal growth on the plastered surface of the brick.
Domains of application
  • In rendering / plastering work on all brick walls in Residential and Industrial Structures.
  • Both in underground and overhead water tanks, while concreting / plastering.
  • In silos, basement structures and for damp proof course in residential buildings.
  • For repair / maintenance work of existing damp wall, saltpetre in brick work.
  • As an integral waterproofing compound in concrete for roof, retaining wall etc. in marine structures and sea facing buildings
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Available in 20 Kg Bucket & 225Kg Barrel.