CHRYSO®Elastothane AR

CHRYSO ELASTOTHANE-AR is two component, high solid content liquid applied elastomeric polyurethane resin based cold applied coating system with anti-root property.  Ideally suited for waterproofing of green roofs, walls conforming to ASTM C-836-95 & ASTM C – 898-95.

  • Can be applied by brush or roller
  • No root penetration through the hardened coating
  • No harm on live plants
  • On drying CHRYSO ELASTOTHANE-AR forms a seamless protective and waterproof membrane.
  • Being viscous it does not sag when applied on vertical surfaces. CHRYSO ELASTOTHANE-AR has excellent adhesion to dry as well as primed surfaces of concrete, tile, plaster, bituminous roofing felt, asphalt coating and metal.
  • Cured membranes of CHRYSO ELASTOTHANE-AR remain highly flexible even at extremes temperature range (-25?C to 120?C).
Domains of application

CHRYSO ELASTOTHANE - AR is formulated to provide an easy, fast and sure system for waterproofing and protecting of New and old green roofs, terraces, podiums and planters.

Technical Data Sheet Download
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Available in 21 kg (Base – 20 kg, Additive- 1kg)