CHRYSO®Resicure EP

CHRYSO RESICURE EP is a two component Epoxy Resin based aqueous concrete curing compound. It forms a colour less film on drying. It is a ready to use and can be easily applied by brush or spray. For application on freshly cast concrete or exposed concrete surface after removal of formwork, to form a impermeable membrane which will retain sufficient moisture for effective curing to take place. It complies with ASTM C 309?81 Type ?2 Class A.

  • Easy to apply; can be applied by ordinary sprayer, roller or soft brush. 
  • It cures the concrete without disturbing setting time. 
  • It is a single application ? forms moisture barrier through the whole curing period. 
  • It is reliable ? no risk of erratic or poor curing and ensures that cement hydrates uniformly. 
  • It is water based and hence easy and safe for application. 
  • It provides maximum moisture retention throughout the 28 days curing period, which is necessary to achieve designed concrete strength. 
  • It ensures hard wearing surface; minimises risk of drying shrinkage, cracks or dusty surface.
Domains of application
  • CHRYSO RESICURE EP is generally used for curing sealing of concrete.
  • This is very useful for large areas of concrete such as pavements, runways, bridge decks, concrete segments,retaining walls and industrial floor; also for vertical or sloping surfaces such as chimneys, towers, silos, canal linings, columns and beams, where water curing is difficult or unreliable.
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Available in  14 kg (Combined)

Pack – A 4kg
Pack – B 10kg