CHRYSO CARBOGUARD is acrylic polymer based elastomeric, anti-carbonation protective coating system. In addition to UV resistance acrylic polymer, CHRYSO CARBOGUARD is designed with proprietary additives to resist post growth of algae and fungus.

  • Easy application; can be applied by brush, roller or Spray at site. 
  • Elastomeric in nature; up to 2mm crack bridging capacity.
  • UV Resistance- does not yellowing in sun rays exposure.
  • Excellent resistance to carbon dioxide, acid rain, and alkali solution.
  • Excellent resistance to dirt pick up.
  • Excellent waterproofing property.
  • Green product -No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
Domains of application

Used as anti-carbonation protective coating for bridge deck, under pass, building walls, etc. in all environments especially coastal areas. Also used as Waterproofing / protective coating of asbestos/ cement sheet roof and concrete/ plastered walls.

Technical Data Sheet Download
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Available in 20 kg Plastic Bucket.