CHRYSO®Elastothane PUR

CHRYSO ELASTOTHANE-PUR is a spray applied 2 component fast curing hybrid polyurea system for high performance waterproofing and protective system. CHRYSO ELASTOTHANE-PUR is free from solvent with 100% solid with zero VOC.  Part A consists of ISO and Part B consists of Resin 


  • Green product – 100% solid with zero VOC.
  • Being a fast setting system installation time is minimum. 
  • Seamless system – no joints. 
  • Very high mechanical properties. 
  • Excellent crack bridging capacity. 
  • Resistant to most of chemicals and solvent. 
  • Excellent low and high temperature flexibility. 
  • Fully bonded with substrate. 
  • No sagging on vertical and overhead application
Domains of application

High performance waterproofing of bridge deck, basement, waste water tank lining, roof, terrace, podium, truck bed lining, tunnel lining, swimming pool, Green roof, etc. Using suitable primer, CHRYSO ELASTOTHANE-PUR can be applied on concrete, steel, aluminium, GRP Plastics, wood, SPF, etc.

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CHRYSO®Elastothane PUR.

Available in 200 kg drum