CHRYSO®Bituthane PU

CHRYSO BITUTHANE PU is a one component, moisture curing, PU based primer used for applications of water-proofing top coat. This synthetic resin improves the adhesion with the concrete/cement surface and Polyurethane surface.

  • Easy to use can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer.
  • Chemical resistant - resists attack from chloride, sulphate, mild acid and alkalis present in the soil.
  • Adheres to a wide range of substrates
  • Economical
Domains of application
  • Priming for Polyurethane based Elastomeric membrane such as Elastothane.
  • Projection of sub-structure against soil salts
  • Facade damp proofer
  • Polymerized mastic protection
Technical Data Sheet Download
Material Satefy Data Sheet Download

Available in 20 kg metal drum