CHRYSO FOAMCRETE is an efficient low dosage foaming admixture, which is used to produce lightweight cementitious materials (Concrete, Mortar, Cement slurry) for a variety of insulation and construction applications. FOAMCRETE helps to produce a stable aerated mortar, by entrapping air into prepared cement slurry in the shape of
discontinued air bubbles to form a cellular structure throughout the mass. The cellular structure significantly reduces the thermal conductivity and density of concrete, resulting in a lower dead load imposed on the structure. It provides excellent resistance to freeze and thaw

  • High efficiency even at low dosage. 
  • Excellent stability in alkaline conditions. 
  • It can be used with all types of light weight aggregates to produce very low density concrete mixes.
Domains of application
  • FOAMCRETE can be used for the production of low?density foamed mortar and concrete. 
  • As flat roof insulation screeds. 
  • Insulated floor screeds. 
  • As a backfill concrete. 
  • Fabrication of light weight beams, blocks and panels. 
  • Fire barrier. 
  • Sound insulation of walls and ceilings. 
  • As encasement concrete.
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Available in 20 kg bucket or 200 kg drum.