CHRYSO STICK SBA is a solvent free thixotropic structural grade two part epoxy adhesive especially formulated for bonding prefabricated concrete bridge segments. It is available in three grades depending upon application temperature.

  • For carrying out structural repairs it can be filled into concrete/mortar voids/pockets
  • Cured resin possesses high mechanical strength, excellent adhesion, non - shrinking properties and a chemical resistance properties.
  • Can be used as a Epoxy Mastic.
  • Although CHRYSO RESICRETE-2115 has a high strength, the cured material is not brittle and retains a slight flexible nature.
  • It is supplied in pre-measured quantities of component-A (Resin), component-B (Hardener) and component-C (Special Aggregate) according to the mixing proportion.
Domains of application

Used as an adhesive for precast segmental bridge elements and provides a structural and water tight joint. It can also be used as a pointing material for stone masonry, heavy duty ceramic and cement tiles.

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Available in 3kg kit