CHRYSO POLYFLEX EPA   is a fast curing, two component specially designed Epoxy Adhesive material for bonding TPE Based expansion Joint tape, metal plate, plywood, asbestos, etc. to concrete. It hardens in few hours.

  • Non slump 
  • Primer less 
  • High initial and ultimate strengths. 
  • Impermeable to liquids and water vapor 
  • Suitable for dry and slight damp concrete surfaces
  • Hardening is not affected by humidity 
  • Thixotropic: non?sag in vertical and overhead applications
  • Solvent free
  • Hardens without shrinkage
  • Different colored Parts (for homogeneous mixing)
Domains of application
  • Used as an epoxy adhesive for CHRYSO POLYBAND system.
  • Particularly suited for maintenance work in asituation where time is a Constrain.
  • A highly effective adhesive for most building material including steel and concrete surface in an aggressive environment
Technical Data Sheet Download
Material Satefy Data Sheet Download

Available in 3kg kit