CHRYSO EMALITE – SOF is ready-to-use blend of factory processed and specially graded non-oxidizing, non-metallic aggregate, special cement and additives, free from oil, grease and other contaminants. When it is broad casted on freshly laid concrete, after finishing, it forms a tough, hard, wear resistance   monolithic floor.

  • Excellent wear resistance and produces high degree of abrasion resistant floor surface.
  • Impact resistance 2 to 3 times more than that of plain concrete.
  • Superior densified surface than plain concrete which increases resistance to penetration by oil, grease, hydraulic fluids, motor fuels, and many industrial chemicals. 
  • Being Non- metallic nature, safely be used for dry as well as wet areas.
  • Non-rusting and easy maintenance.
  • Compatible with vacuum dewatering flooring (VDF) system
  • Facilitates fast construction with minimum site costs.
  • Bonds well with most conventional cementitious substrates
Domains of application

By the use of EMALITE-SOF, the top surfaces of flooring and paving can be made wear resistant and dustproof. It is ideally suited for use in all types of industrial floors, which are subjected to heavy traffic movement. It can withstand the impact load due to movement of heavy load over the floor topping. It is specially recommended in heavy engineering factories or as workshop floor toppings, hangers, car parks, in warehouses and gangways where frequently trolleys with metal wheels or forklifts carrying heavy load.

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Available in 25kg waterproof laminated HDPE bag