CHRYSO®Armourcote Screed SL

ARMOURCOTE-SCREED-SL is a high build three component solvent free self-leveling epoxy floor coating system with high chemical and abrasion resistance property. It provides non-dusting, easily cleaned floor finish.

  • Self-leveling property with very high Bond and Adhesive strength
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance – mostly industrial chemicals
  • Clean and hygienic seamless glossy surface
  • High impermeability to water and industrial oils
Domains of application

ARMOURCOTE -SCREED-SL is seamless protective floor topping used in industries with medium to high vehicular traffic like power plants, exhibition halls, shops, pharmaceutical & fertilizer industries, laboratories, bakeries, super-markets, show rooms, bottling plants, warehouses, breweries, garages, machine shops, chemical plants, dairies, hospitals, refineries, subways, electronics & computer industries, etc. In areas where high degree of cleanliness is required ARMOURCOTE 525 / ARMOURCOTE-418 shall be used as top coat with desired color finish.

Technical Data Sheet Download
Material Satefy Data Sheet Download

Available in 18kg kit.

Pack- A (Resin): 4kg,

Pack-B (Hardener):2kg,

Pack-C (Filler): 12kg