EXCEM CGA is specially formulated hydrogen free grouting admixture/ additive. It is a free flowing powder for addition to neat cement mixes (addition of sand is possible). It plasticizes the mix, allowing for substantial reduction in water without affecting the fluidity, thus improving the strength and impermeability of the grout. It is an expansion grouting admixture for pressure / injection grouting. Before the mixed grout gets hardened, it produces controlled expansion. It gives high fluidity without

  • Improved fluidity and flowability of the mix at reduced water content. 
  • Prolongs workability. 
  • Reduces bleeding and Segregation. 
  • Compensates cement shrinkage by controlled expansion.
  • It is a hydrogen gas free expansion. 
  • Improved cohesion. 
  • Protects against corrosion of pre?stressing wires. 
  • Good early and latter strength.
  • It is ready to use with adjustable consistency and develops high early strength. 
  • It is non?corrosive to iron and steel. 
  • It gives high ultimate strength. 
  • Can be pumped through small nozzles over great distances. 
  • Contains no harmful chemicals and it is safe to handle
Domains of application

EXCEM CGA is used as an admixture/ additive in cement to provide non?shrink properties. Applications include grouting of pre?stressed cable ducts, bearing plates, tunnel linings, sheet pile,anchors, rock and soil anchoring, concrete crack injection etc. It can also be used for injection grouting to effectively waterproof and stop leaks in underground structures, basements, tunnels, left wells, retaining walls, dams, water reservoirs, pressure ducts and other water retaining structures. It is not recommended to use for conventionally placed concrete as a non?shrink admixture.

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EXCEM CGA is available in 12.5 kg (0.5 kg X 25 nos) HDPE bag