CHRYSO®Swellseal Strip

Hydro-swelling joint sealant for construction joints, cold joints, pipe penetrations, subterranean prefab constructions, etc.

CHRYSO SWELLSEAL compacted in in-situ concrete or between prefabricated concrete elements, will expand in contact with water and in this way fill the voids in the joints. Thanks to its flexibility and swell–capacities, CHRYSO SWELLSEAL can absorb the movements of the construction. The swell-capacities of CHRYSO SWELLSEAL are reversible and infinite. The durability and effectiveness of the system thus largely exceed the life span of the construction.

  • Expands slowly to ensure non-disturbance of fresh concrete.
  • Resilience enough to fill small gaps and difficult profile of concrete. 
  • Reversible swellability.
  • Does not corrode in fully immersed condition
Domains of application

CHRYSO SWELLSEAL has been developed to resolve the most difficult waterproofing problem in nearly all areas of the construction sector. The most common applications are construction and cold joints in concrete, pipe penetrations, sewer systems, sub-terranean pre-fabricated concrete elements, temporary openings, etc. CHRYSO SWELLSEAL has already proven its efficiency in the construction of water treatment plants, underground car park, water reservoirs, swimming pools, metro systems and other concrete constructions under a relatively high water pressure.

Technical Data Sheet Download
Material Satefy Data Sheet Download

Available in 20mm x 5mm, 20 mm x 6 mm, 20 mmx10mm, 10 mm x 3 mm sizes are available in packs of 100 RMT length.

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