CHRYSO®RMC 3139SP is an old generation multi range plasticizer based on specially selected long chain high molecular weight organic polymers like sulphonated polynaphthalene for Ready mix concrete to be used in multi pack system. It is a significant dispersant of the fine Cementitious particles in concrete which results in plastic/workable concrete with a reduced W/C ratio.


CHRYSO®RMC 3139SP produces cohesive concrete and especially useful for high volume crushed sand mixes. CHRYSO® RMC 3139SP is well compatible with most recognized brands of PPC available in India. It is well compatible with our slump retainers & needs to work in conjugation with, CHRYSO®Tard SRC & CHRYSO®Tard SRC80 to retain the workability for longer time and enable users to transport, place even after a long time from its production. Use of this multi pack system enables users to economize on dosages as well as to accommodate comparatively wide variation of its concrete ingredients e.g. various cement brands, different source of aggregates, etc. At constant plasticity, it produces a substantial reduction of quantity of mixing water (up to 25%), an increase of the compacity of concrete, higher mechanical strengths at all ages. At constant W/C ratio, it helps to obtain fluid concrete. For the same concrete mix, keeping everything else constant, a definite economy in cement content, ranging from 15% to 20%, can be achieved.

Domains of application
  • All cement types 
  • Ready Mix Concrete 
  • Highly Reinforced Concrete
  • Fluid Concrete
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Available in 250 Kgs Barrel & bulk in 10/15 KL tanker