CHRYSO®RMC 6282 is an old generation multi range plasticizer based on modified sulphonated polynaphthalene suitable for Ready mix concrete market. The use of CHRYSO®RMC 6282 is particularly recommended for ready mix concrete applications requiring workable homogenous concrete with fairly good workability retention over a longer period.


CHRYSO®RMC 6282 produces cohesive concrete with sustained fluidity for greater pouring comfort. CHRYSO®RMC 6282 is well compatible with most recognized brands of PPC available in India. At constant plasticity, it produces a substantial reduction of quantity of mixing water (up to 25%), an increase of the compacity of concrete. At constant W/C ratio, it helps to obtain fluid homogenous concrete. For the same concrete mix, keeping everything else constant, a definite economy in cement content, ranging from 15% to 20%, can be achieved.

Domains of application
  • All cement types esp. PPC/OPC +FA
  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Highly Reinforced Concrete
  • Good Performance Fluid Concrete
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Available in 250 Kgs Barrel & bulk in 10/15 KL tanker