CHRYSO®Optima K9314

CHRYSO® Optima K9314 is a new generation multi range Admixture based on polycarboxylate along with expertise hybrid polymers technology.

To provide;

  • A wide scale of dosage.
  • Good water reduction at low dosage while higher water reduction can be achieved with increase in dosage.
  • Better flow with low Thixotropy & good retention.

CHRYSO® Optima K9314 has a great flexibility; thanks to its large scale of dosage, it can be used in wide range of concrete with desired fluidity & workability retention. At equal plasticity, and after reducing mixing water: - Concrete compacity is improved. - Capillary absorption is reduced. Depending on dosage, a relative increase of mechanical strength is observed at 24 hours & is a great advantage too for high volume GGBS/fly ash mix. For any mix, keeping the cement consumption and workability constant, substantial reduction in the amount of mixing water can be achieved, to produce high performance & high strength concrete. This also enables the concrete manufacturer to produce cohesive, low viscous “SCC concrete” with desired workability retention which helps manufacturer to pump concrete easily in vertical as well as horizontal direction & still be placed conveniently around congested reinforcement. It reduces thixotropy of the mix without risk of segregation. High water reduction minimizes shrinkage or cracking yielding better surface finish.

Domains of application
  • All cement types.
  • High performance Self Compacting Concrete.
  • Pumped concrete with desired retention.
  • Job site as well as Ready mix concrete application.
  • It is “ROBUST” to fines & moisture variation.
  • Also suitable for High volume GGBS/Fly Ash Mix.
  • Applicable in wide grade of Concrete.
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Available in 225 Kgs Barrel & bulk in 10 KL tanker