CHRYSO®Quad 60

CHRYSO®Quad 60 unique formulation increases the viscosity of cement paste with limited impact on concrete slump / slump flow. As a result, concrete using CHRYSO®Quad 60 are significantly less sensitive to water or fine content inconsistency. Rheological properties are significantly more consistent. Bleeding, segregation and honeycombing are prevented. CHRYSO®Quad 60 is recommended for all high flowability concrete mixes such as SCC where superior robustness to bleeding & segregation while maintaining excellent placeability is desired.

Domains of application
  • All types of cement
  • Precast (with or without steam-curing)
  • Prestressed concrete
  • Ready-Mix Concrete
  • Segregation and bleeding prevention
Technical Data Sheet Download
Material Satefy Data Sheet Download
  • Barrels of 60 L
  • Drumsof215L
  • IBC of 800 L