CHRYSO®Tard SRC80 slows down the hydration of cement by momentarily blocking the surface of the cement particles and principally retards time of initial setting. It does not increase the length of time between the beginning and end of setting. Hence, concrete retarded with CHRYSO®Tard SRC80 will harden normally as soon as the setting starts and early and ultimate strengths can be obtained. It is particularly suitable for Ready mix concrete market with stable workability over a longer period.


CHRYSO®Tard SRC80 improves retention of workability to a great extent. It has no surface tension effects. Its use in concrete does not modify the consistency of concrete in any way. When used simultaneously with a high rang water reducing super plasticizer e.g. CHRYSO®Fluid Optima, CHRYSO®Fluid Premia, CHRYSO®Fluid RMC range, CHRYSO®Tard SRC80 gives longer open time for concreting without much retardation and is particularly suitable to obtain high performance concrete. Cold Joints too can be avoided by using higher dosage of this product during mass concreting. It can reduce the heat of hydration during mass concreting and improves ultimate strength. It can also be used for production of Retarded Mortar.

Domains of application
  • All cement types esp. PPC/OPC +FA
  • Ready Mix Concrete for multi pack solution
  • Hot weather concreting
  • Extended workability retention
  • Cold Joints, mass concreting
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Available in 225 Kgs Barrel & bulk in 10 KL tanker