CHRYSO® Tard CX is a Non-Staining retarder for Exposing Aggregate from Concrete. This retards the concrete surface to a depth of approx.5mm when a thin layer is applied on newly placed concrete.

  • CHRYSO® Tard CX has following advantages,
  • Will retards the concrete surface to a depth of approx. 5mm.
  • Will not affect the strength of structural concrete.
  • Will not have detrimental effect on reinforcement steel.
  • The retarded mortar is easily washed away with jet water.
  • The exposed surface is not stained.
  • It is very useful for mass concreting to avoid cold joints.
  • Easy and safe to apply.
Domains of application
  • Preferably sprayed on the newly laid concrete surface after the surface water evaporated in the big surface area like raft concrete.
  • The treated surface with “CHRYSO® Tard CX” should be washed with jet water after the bottom concrete get set / attend initial setting to expose the aggregate for subsequent fresh concreting / other treatments for aesthetic look.
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200 Ltr Barrel.