CHRYSO®Cure AC is an acrylic based curing agent with adhesive properties, in emulsion, ready to use for fresh concretes and mortars.


CHRYSO®Cure AC forms a protective film when drying, which prevents concrete and mortar from desiccation. This enables a more complete hydration of the cement particles and limits early age cracking and drying shrinkage. After Initial setting of concrete, the surface is treated with this which offers a better resistance to abrasion. A surface treated with CHRYSO®Cure AC is initially white in order to easily identify the coated areas & also it reflects the light to a max extent keeping the surface less heated ensuring less evaporation of moisture from concrete. After drying, the coating is transparent. Unlike moisture curing, this has a single application - forms moisture barrier throughout the whole curing period. Also offers protection against 'burning' of the fresh concrete surface, which is exposed to strong solar radiation. Easy and safe to apply.

Domains of application
  • Protection of elements with high surface/volume Ratio: Slabs, roads, concrete highway
  • CHRYSO® Cure AC makes it possible to continue with subsequent activity like Painting, Tile Fixing, etc. without removing this layer 
  • Protection of concrete/mortar subject to adverse
  • Drying effects at early age (high ambient temp, wind)
  • Trowel finishing
  • Precast Concrete
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Avaialble in 200 Kgs Barrel