CHRYSO®CleanSol V10

CHRYSO®CleanSol V10 is a ready-to-use liquid product designed for curative treatment of moss, lichen, algae, fungi...

CHRYSO®CleanSol V10 cleans mineral substrates fouled by vegetable pollution. It removes ground-in dirt. Sprayed onto the substrate, it is fast acting. Rain can also be used to rinse off the surface.

CHRYSO®CleanSol V10 works without damaging or discoloring the material for which it is intended.

CHRYSO®CleanSol V10 is especially recommended when rejuvenating old concrete floors before application of our tinted hardening stain

CHRYSO®RenoCrete Color or before application of a concrete sealer from our CHRYSO®FiniSol or CHRYSO®RocaSol ranges.

Domains of application
  • Cleaning and removing of plant soiling on:
  • Coloured concrete
  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Decorative concrete
  • Precast elements (precast stones, decorative slabs...
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