CHRYSO®CORROCRETE is a bipolar corrosion inhibiting admixture in liquid form for reinforced concrete and mortar. It provides outstanding resistance against corrosion of rebars.


By using CHRYSO®CORROCRETE the anodic and cathodic reaction of the electrochemical corrosion process is being influenced. The product forms a film on the steel surface, which delays the onset of corrosion and reduces the rate of corrosion. The following advantages also can be achieved :

  • Acts as corrosion protection for embedded reinforcing steel especially from the influences of chloride effects. 
  • Protects concrete from the destructive influences of reinforcement corrosion. 
  • Do not have any negative influences on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete. 
  • It is a combination of organic corrosion inhibitors
Domains of application

CHRYSO®CORROCRETE can be used in reinforced concrete subjected to aggressive corrosive environment specifically in Chloride induced corrosion. It is very suitable for concrete in foundation sub-structures, Bridges, Tunnels, Retaining Walls, Industrial Plants, Park decks in multistoried car parks etc.

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Available in 200 ltr Barrel