CHRYSO®Deco Brush

CHRYSO®Deco Brush is the first brushable emulsified surface retarder, available in 2 etch depths. CHRYSO®Deco Brush enables to slow down the cement hydration reaction of the exposed surface of concrete. At the contact of fresh concrete, the emulsion separates allowing the oily phase to form a continuous and protective film that resists to rain and ensures curing.
Thanks to its original formula and its high curing performance, it is possible with CHRYSO®Deco Brush to enlarge the washing
window from 24 to 48 hours, according to the climatic conditions. CHRYSO®Deco Brush is an innovative concept totally sustainable construction oriented. Replacing the wash out by brushing, this new range conforms to eco-construction targets
such as:
- Storm-water drains and wastewater sewers are preserved from clogging.
- The use of drinkable water is drastically reduced thanks to the dry brushing process.
- The brushing residue is inert and can be either used during the next pouring or considered as a traditional concrete residue.

Domains of application

Exposed aggregate roadworks and slabs.

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