CHRYSO®Premia K970

New generation Superplasticizers for concrete with 1:00-1:30 hrs retention. Useful  for project requiring high early strength at 18-20 hrs. SCC & high flow concrete upto M-45 is best suitable. High water reduction csn be achieved with this product.


CHRYSO® Premia K970 enables the concrete manufacturer to produce fresh concrete with dynamic properties that improve filling ability, develops high early mechanical strength, reduces time of demoulding, lifting of segments, and pre-stressing or saves energy by decreasing steam curing temperature. Works even at a very low water / cementitious ratio. When used in specially formulated concrete, gives hard concrete a first class finish. To achieve significant retention CHRYSO®Tard SRC80/ CHRYSO® Optima 100 or our latest invented new generation workability extender range CHRYSO®Equalis 100/200 are highly recommended along with this product depending on the application. Viscosity of the concrete can be substantially decreased by using CHRYSO®Optima 100 along with our CHRYSO® Premia K970. For any mix, keeping the cement consumption and workability constant, substantial reduction in the amount of mixing water (up to 35%) can be achieved, to produce concrete of high compressive strength. Alternatively, for the same concrete mix, keeping everything else constant, a definite economy in cement content, ranging from 20% to 30%, can be achieved.

Domains of application
  • All cement types
  • Pumped concrete with moderate SCM usage
  • Slump retention at high ambient temperature
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • Ready mix concrete & Jobsites
  • Concrete for highly reinforced structures
  • High to very high performance concrete
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Available in 225 Kgs Barrel & bulk in 10 KL tanker