CHRYSO® Jet 10 AF is an alkali free accelerator especially used for wet shotcrete applications. It starts up a sudden drop of slump and a thixotropic effect at the time of spraying. The reaction with cement particles is immediate. CHRYSO® Jet 10 AF can be used in combination with CHRYSO superplasticizers.



CHRYSO® Jet 10 AF allows spraying to take place even on wet surface subject to slight infiltrations. Provides faster setting time hence speeds up the work and contributes to good water tightness of the sprayed concrete linings. Improves durability. Makes shotcreting possible even with high slump concrete. Doesn’t affect greatly the long term strength gain. CHRYSO®Jet 10 AF improves overhead spraying and reduces rebound loss and dust quantity. Does not contain any chlorides or nitrates to will not corrode steel. It also reduces alkaliaggregate reaction.

Domains of application
  • Shotcrete 
  • Mines
  • Protection of shafts 
  • Tunnels, shafts, galleries
  • Slope stabilization
  • Tank linings
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Available in 250 kg Barrel & Bulk in 10/15 KL Tanker