CHRYSO ARMOURFLEX EPDM is rubber based pre-fabricated membrane. It is a single ply membrane made of EthylenePropylene-Diene terpolymer.

  • High tensile and tear resistance. 
  • Elastomeric membrane with a good combination of high elasticity and tensile strength. 
  • Retains its flexibility at low temperature (-45°C). 
  • Excellent resistance to UV and ozone. 
  • Good chemical resistance. 
  • Quick installation and environment friendly. 
  • No maintenance required. 
  • Low dead load on roof. 
  • Withstands the movement in the structure due to its higher elongation property.
Domains of application
  • Large flat roofs of concrete and metal sheets.
  • Terrace gardens. 
  • Basements and podium waterproofing.
  • Any water retaining structure e.g. lakes, water reservoirs.
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Available in  1.2 m X 30m ROLL (3mx30m, 6mx30m are also available for bulk supply)