CHRYSO® VRM 209 is an additive specifically formulated to improve grinding of minerals and cements in vertical roller mills.

  • Reduces mill vibrations (10% to 30% reduction).
  • Increases mill production (10% to 20%) depending on the efficiency of the equipment and the characteristics of the material to be ground.
  • Reduces grinding energy costs at same fineness of grinding.
  • Improves bulk density and powder flow characteristics, therefore improves conditions of storage, pneumatic transport and packaging in bags.
  • Improves cement particle size distribution and consequently cement hydration.
  • Maintains cement performances especially mechanical strengths.
  • Reduces coating tendencies.
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage (initial set).
  • Provides a positive pack-set effect.
Domains of application
  • Aluminate cement grinding.
  • Cement grinding according EN 197-1 standards, type I through V specifications.
Technical Data Sheet Download
  • Bulk tanker loads
  • 1000 L containers