CHRYSO® Delta D819

CHRYSO® Delta D819 is a new generation polycarboxylate ether based multi range plasticizer based on expertise hybrid polymers technology. To provide;
- A wide scale of dosage
- A moderate water reduction
- Better flow & retention
- Homogenous concrete


Market Specification Market Specification

CHRYSO® Delta D819 has a great flexibility; thanks to its large scale of dosage, it can be used in great range of concrete with desired fluidity & workability retention. It allows optimization of dosage of cement in order to obtain a specific class of resistance. At equal plasticity, and after reducing mixing water:
- Concrete compacity is improved,
- Capillary absorption is reduced

Depending on dosage, a relative increase of mechanical strength is observed at 24 hours & is a great advantage over Old generation available Admixtures in the market. For any mix, keeping the cement consumption and workability constant, substantial reduction in the amount of mixing water can be achieved or use of dosage upto certain limit can act as a high range superplasticizer, to produce concrete of high compressive strength. Alternatively, for the same concrete mix, keeping everything else constant, 
a definite economy in cement content, can be achieved.


Domains of application

All cement and cementitious types.

Single admixture for wide range of concrete.
Concrete using moderate to high SCM.
To make regular concrete better.

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225 Kgs Barrel & bulk in 10/15 KL tanker