CHRYSO EXCEM E1 a non-ferrous fluidizers, non- gaseous, expanding type of grout, consisting of dry premixed blend of special cement, set regulating and reactive chemicals. It does not contain chloride in any form. This is the latest development of cementitious, ready to use, high strength injectable grout which can penetrate even in finer cracks. This grout can be injected under water, It is recommended for use in soil stabilization.

  • Better flow
  • Increase cohesion
  • Volume expansion to compensate shrinkage of cement paste
  • Chloride free does not attack pre-stressed cabels reinforcement
  • Rapid development of early strength
  • High final strength
  • Resistance of sudden jabs and vibration
  • Non-toxic
Domains of application

For injecting grout in cracks of concrete structures, normal procedure of injection is to be followed. For grouting anchor bolts, proper surface preparation is essential i.e. removal of laitences, oil, grease or any other loose materials. Before injection of cracks, the concrete surface is to be fully saturated with water at least 8 to 10 hours application of grout.

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25kg waterproof laminated HDPE bag