CHRYSO POLYGROUT-HP is a low viscous one component hydrophobic polyurethane injectable chemical grout which immediately reacts with water and forms stable, hard yet flexible solid expansive foam to fill cavities and cracks. When injected under pressure into leaking structures and through the process of polymerization, a permanent water barrier is formed

  • CHRYSO POLYGROUT -HP has a very remarkable solidifying properties even in ground where water flow is violent. It stops water from oozing and solidifies the
    ground with high strength.
  • CHRYSO POLYGROUT -HP exerts successful solidifying property in all types of water, such as sea water, mineral water and those containing acid and alkali.
  • CHRYSO POLYGROUT -HP is extremely stable both chemically and physically and will not be damaged by any Bacterium.
  • CHRYSO POLYGROUT -HP is completely non‐pollutant to the water it contacts and has no effect on potable water, fish or marine life.
  • Minimum shrinkage ensure complete water barrier.
  • Excellent performance periodic wet and dry condition.
  • CHRYSO POLYGROUT -HP possesses excellent adhesiveness to wet as well as dry concrete.
Domains of application
  • CHRYSO POLYGROUT -HP has versatile uses and it is normally considered to be the last resort, when all conventional grouting methods to stop leakages have failed.
  • CHRYSO POLYGROUT -HP has successfully performed under certain most challenging conditions, where satisfied users have referred it as a magic product, to achieve almost impossible solutions.
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20 kg MS Drum / Bucket