EXCEM 60 HES is a single component ready to use ,non shrink, chloride free, cement based free flowing high early strength and early setting grout that develops high compressive strength within 12 hours . It requires only addition of water at site. It consists of Portland cement and special chemicals to impart non shrinkage, high fluidity, high strength etc. It is a specially designed grout which gives for high early strength in comparison to the normal general purpose grouts.

  • EXCEM 60 HES is pre-mixed at our factory under strict quality control that requires no complicated job‐site mixing, other than the addition of water.
  • Facilitates easy handling and storage as EXCEM 60 HES Grout is protected in a vapour barrier bag that prevents exposure to the elements.
  • Eliminates shrinkage. It has flowable consistency, good workability and excellent void filling action (selfleveling)
  • Is ready to use with adjustable consistency and develops high early strength.
  • It is non‐corrosive to iron and steel.
  • It gives high ultimate strength.
  • Can be pumped through small nozzles over great distances.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals and it is safe to handle
Domains of application
  • Columns in precast construction
  • Anchor bolts
  • Quick installation of machineries
  • Cavities and Gap filling
  • It facilitates early commissioning of equipment involving high vibration and requiring high early strength.
  • Crane rail soleplates
  • DG Set and pumps
  • Column bases
  • Bridge bearing pads.
Technical Data Sheet Download
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25kg waterproof laminated HDPE bag