Loosely laid Prefabricated Membrane

Loosely Laid prefabricated Membrane

CHRYSO EXCEM-C is specially formulated non-shrink grouting aid. It is a free flowing powder for addition to neat cement mixes. It plasticizes the mix, allowing for substantial...
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CHRYSO POLYGROUT is a low viscous liquid which reacts with water in a controlled manner to form a swelling resilient adhesives, solid in density and strength appropriate to the...
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CHRYSO®Acrylate Gel
CHRYSO® ACRYLATE GEL is a water based solution based on acrylic polymer technology. It is a 3 component system and on mixing these components a waterproof gel is formed.
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CHRYSO®Armourflex PVC
Non-reinforced geomembrane, opaque, made of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P), with thin yellow signal layer (PVC-P), designed for tunnels and basement waterproofing works.
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CHRYSO REINJECTO Grouting Tube is specially designed flexible solid PVC Nitrile Blend (thermoplastic Rubber) covered by sponge strips strengthened by Nylon Braiding which is...
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CHRYSO SWELLSEAL is polymer based composite Hydroswelling joint sealant strip for construction joints, cold joints, pipe penetrations, subterranean prefab constructions, etc
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