Bonded Prefabricated Membrane (System 1)

Bonded prefabricated membrane (System 1)

CHRYSO® Bitcote
CHRYSO BITCOTE is a cold applied heavy bodied bitumen coating and primer. This product is specially used as primer for APP membrane, liquid applied single component moisture...
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CHRYSO EXCEM-C is specially formulated non-shrink grouting aid. It is a free flowing powder for addition to neat cement mixes. It plasticizes the mix, allowing for substantial...
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CHRYSO POLYGROUT is a low viscous liquid which reacts with water in a controlled manner to form a swelling resilient adhesives, solid in density and strength appropriate to the...
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A versatile liquid compound for quick setting and rapid hardening of cement and concrete. It functions as a quick setting accelerator, allowing faster dismantling of shutters,...
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CHRYSO®Armourshield SBS
CHRYSO ARMOURSHIELD SBS membranes are waterproof sheets.  These   sheets are modified with SBS a specially formulated bituminous compound, stabilizers and inert...
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Aquareactive PU Based Expanding Grouting Compound
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