CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 100
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Superplasticizer for long slump retention. Best suitable for long distance pumping in horizontal as well as vertical.Very useful for high rise pumping & to reduse...
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CHRYSO®Optima K9314
New generation Superplasticizers for SCC concrete with 2:30-3:00 hrs retention. Useful  for RMC with Crush sand mix. It can accommodate Low fines in mix. Useful to work...
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CHRYSO®Premia K970
New generation Superplasticizers for concrete with 1:00-1:30 hrs retention. Useful  for project requiring high early strength at 18-20 hrs. SCC & high flow concrete...
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CHRYSO®Fluid Optima S612RV
CHRYSO®Fluid Optima S612RV is a new generation superplasticizer based on POLYCARBOXYLIC ETHER. It has a high dispersion capability and therefore imparts very high...
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