Underground construction

Whether for shotcrete or TBM application solutions, CHRYSO offers you a full tunnelling range of products and services that meet your safety, performance and productivity needs.

For shotcrete:

  • Faster setting & hardening and reduced rebound with the special CHRYSO®Jet range of shotcrete accelerators
  • Structural reinforcement with the synthetic macrofibre range
  • Improved density, pumping capacity and durability of shotcrete through the use of CHRYSO®Silica or CHRYSO®DSF silica fume
  • Workability retention up to 12 hours thanks to the use of CHRYSO®Jet THC


  • Specific range of admixture solutions and mould release agents for concrete segments
  • Solutions to improve fire resistance and durability of concrete
  • CHRYSO®TBM: a dedicated range of admixtures for backfill mortars